Dye mixture is applied to printing ink

A few days ago, a patent application by Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a dye mixture invented by Imagawa Ichiba, Chiba Midori, Yuasa Shigehiro and a printing ink containing the mixture was filed and published.

This is a dye mixture obtained by dry-grinding an organic dye in the presence of a printing ink resin, the resin being a synthetic resin for printing inks and extracted from natural pitch with a softening point of 120 to 125°C. The aliphatic hydrocarbon resin comprises 10 to 80 parts by weight of the synthetic resin and 0.1 to 5 parts by weight of the aliphatic hydrocarbon resin per 100 parts by weight of the organic dye.

Source: China Textile News

Standing Mirror  Description

Standing mirror is a kind of standing Makeup Mirror . It has beautiful and unique design. It is more high-end, convenient and safe than Wall Mirror .

Standing mirror also can be called table top mirror, table mirror, top mirror, free standing mirror, stand up mirror.

Standing mirror has a variety of styles, with lights, double-sided, framed, frame-less and so on. It can be divided into battery table mirror, Dressing Table Mirror, Round Table Mirror, two way table mirror, framed table mirror, frameless table mirror and adjustable table mirror.

Standing mirror can be used in dressers, desks, bathroom sets. You also can give your friends as a gift.

It`s function is very much and practical.

For example, when you makeup, especially eye makeup, you can magnify and draw more perfect and satisfied makeup; when you check your appearance, you will never ignore the details that you could easily overlook before. Moreover, people can shave, squeeze pimples, babies know themselves and so on.

standing mirror

 Material and Quality: 

Our mirror adopts selected metal raw materials, glass and electronic accessories. Our company not only pays attention to metal raw materials, glass, but also pays attention to electronic accessories. Our electronic accessories for makeup mirrors are CE, ETC, UL and other certifications. Lighted makeup mirror also meets various international safety certifications, such as: UL, CE, GS, CB CCC.

stangding mirror


We know as a quality supplier the packing is most important, you will see all our packing are suitable for air transportation,sea transportation and individual express. 
Via below pictures you can see,we use bubble pack plus pearl wool plus neutral box as inner box to make individual mirrors be safety protect . Then several individual mirrors will be put into a master carton box to make transportation safety and easy to be custom clearance. 
We design different type of master cartons to contain different numbers of mirrors to suite different type of mirrors, our various kinds of packing make transportation more economic and safe ! 

top mirror

About Us

Our company , Shenzhen LEVE Houseware Co,Ltd is an enterprise which specializes in the design, manufacture, and export of  makeup mirrors, such as Makeup Mirror With Lights, wall makeup mirrors, Square Makeup Mirror and sensor makeup mirrors and bathroom makeup mirrors, etc. 

We have been serving the hospitality and residential industries for over ten years with product lines that including luxury makeup mirrors, led makeup  mirrors with sensor switch and battery operated mirrors .

We look forward to your cooperation !

Standing Mirror

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