Labeling machine feeding bottle down mechanism

The label feeding mechanism of the labeling machine includes a screw, a screw holder, a turnover device, and a feeding device. The front end of the screw passes through the shaft hole of the screw bracket and is connected with the driving device. The rear end is supported in the Other shaft hole of the screw bracket. The turning device is adjacently matched with the rear section of the screw, and the rear end of the feeding device is opposite to the screw. The inverting device is a flip block facing the screw and having a smooth surface, the initial portion is a vertical surface, the end portion is a horizontal plane, the middle is an arcuate transitional surface, and the surface has a spirally expanded rib. The position of the feed device near the screw is provided with a pressure-relief device, and the height of the feed device is lower than the height of the screw axis line. The screw pitch should be set according to the diameter of the feed bottle that needs to be turned over. This feed bottle-reversing mechanism has a compact design, which reduces the rate of broken bottles and increases the feed rate.

Hospital Surgical Tray Trolley

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