UV-resistant high transparent PET

A new type of PET resin containing UV absorber approved by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has been introduced. The resin can be used for special packaging of food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and self-care products to preserve color and preserve freshness. Protect the role of vitamins and other nutrients. Among them, the UV absorber is chemically bonded to the polymer chain, and can function as a permanent UV protector, and it will not remain in the mold or dryer. It has been demonstrated that this resin-made container can block ultraviolet rays at a wavelength of 320 to 370 nanometers. Ordinary PET and other packaging materials (including polyolefins and glass), ultraviolet light can be through.

According to reports, the new hybrid Vitiva PET PC715 from the Voridian branch of Eastman Chemical Company maintains the high transparency of PET. At this point, there is a big difference between Heatwave PET and Voridian's Heatwave PET, which is used for hot cans and added UV absorbers. In today's bottle preforming and forming technology, Vitiva is an unsurpassed alternative to ordinary PET. (LLBJ)

(Source: "Foreign Plastic")

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