Do not ignore the misunderstanding of bedtime beauty and skin care

Skin care before going to bed is essential. Many beautiful women have been doing it all the time. But it seems that the skin care steps have been completed step by step before going to bed. In fact, there are still many skin care misunderstandings that have not caused us to pay attention. The following summarizes the 7 big bedtimes that can't be ignored. Beauty misunderstanding, it is worth seeing.

1, cleansing: can save the province

Suspected to wash your face trouble, simply wash your face with water, or use soap to get it.

Every day, the skin is exposed. Oil secretion, dust and dirt, and aging keratin have already accumulated on the surface of the skin. If not carefully cleaned, the stratum corneum will be too thick and the pores will be clogged, causing dull skin and large pores. Therefore, thorough cleaning every night is especially important, and ordinary soap is too alkaline, which will damage the cortex and cause problems such as dryness and allergies.

2, moisturizing: may or may not

Just after washing his face, he was attracted by the TV, his face was not dried, and the water naturally evaporated.

Do not ignore the misunderstanding of bedtime beauty and skin care

In addition to removing dirt, the sebum on the skin surface and the natural moisturizer in the stratum corneum are also washed away. The skin temporarily loses its ability to lock water. The evaporation of water on the face will also take away facial moisture, causing the skin to tighten. Dry lines. Therefore, be sure to apply moisturizing products within 2 minutes after washing your face and follow up for follow-up maintenance.

3, eye cream: equivalent to chicken ribs

It is not necessary to apply eye cream. The anti-front cream is similar in texture to it and can be applied to the eyes.

In fact, the eye skin and facial skin structure are different. It is the thinnest part of the facial stratum corneum and the least distributed part of the sebaceous glands. It is also the most frequent part of skin activity. It is necessary to use professional eye products to solve eye problems. Generally, the cream has a large molecule and is oily in the texture. It can not solve any problem in the eye, and it is easy to produce oil particles.

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