Skincare coups for overtime work before the Spring Festival

Although the Spring Festival holiday makes everyone yearn for, but the huge workload before the festival will make us breathless. In the January of heavy work, we can't ignore the care of our skin. Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to care for your skin.

Crazy overtime work skin care coup

Most of the time ago, most people still had to work for 17 days in January 2012, but now they found that one month of work must be completed in 17 days. How to do? Only crazy to work overtime! Therefore, the "shortest work month" that was previously talked about by everyone has immediately turned into "crazy overtime." In a vote: "Crazy overtime, are you in?", 42% of voters said they unfortunately joined the torrent of overtime. With the eagerness to go home for the New Year, there is always a job that can never be done, and there is no time to buy things for the family to arrange the new year. These kinds of anxiety are plagued by many white-collar women. Anxiety and stress, lack of good rest, all kinds of sub-health caused by the annoyance will be reflected in the face, dry skin, dull face, and some grow annoying acne. In response to these emergencies, Xiao Bian carefully selected the two great beauty tricks of crazy overtime to help you get out of stress.

Crazy overtime work skin care coup

Strengthen skin hydration, muscle base and targeted care

No matter what kind of skin problem, moisturizing is both a top priority and a basic compulsory course. The moisturizing homework of crazy overtime is not a simple moisturizer, even an ordinary moisturizing mask. Because crazy overtime means that the skin is exposed to the air-conditioned room for a long time, the problem of water shortage is more serious than usual. Even if you use lotion or moisturizing spray, you will soon feel the skin becomes tight and dry. This is because the lotion and moisturizing spray will hydrate the skin and not enter the dermis. Only the hydration of the dermis can fundamentally satisfy the skin's need for moisture.

Crazy overtime work skin care coup

At this time, you need to use the sleep-type moisturizing mask to intensively moisturize the skin during the crazy overtime work. The sleeping mask can form an energy net on the surface of the skin, and in the process of sleep, the water and nutrients are continuously supplied to our skin. Some night repair ability, add points for your moisturizing work, really lay the muscles. It is recommended that you use the Japanese imported flower-printed mink moisturizing mask (flower-printed blue bottle), which is known as the moisturizing king. This mask is an upgraded product of moisturizing hydrating mask. It breaks down the effective moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid into two molecules of size, large molecule lock water and small molecule hydrating. The 35-way reverse osmosis water treatment process decomposes Japanese natural lake water rich in minerals into finer water molecules that are good for skin absorption, and delivers a constant stream of water to the dermis to eliminate complete hunger and thirst for the skin. In addition, the mask also adds 8 kinds of amino acids required by the human body to promote cell regeneration and strengthen the skin's natural repair ability. If the skin is still dull, even acne, etc., on the basis of the moisturizing muscle base, supplemented with targeted care can solve the problem. According to media reports, the flower-printed blue bottle of this mask soon triggered a blue sales frenzy, and the excellent reputation of selling water bottles in 3 seconds and selling a bottle in 30 seconds created the first sales miracle of Watsons.

Crazy overtime work skin care coup

Dietary nutrition balance and psychological adjustment make the beauty come from the heart

Crazy overtime work often sits in the middle of the night in front of the computer, labor intensity is greatly increased, so the daily meals should be normal, and pay attention to nutritional balance. When working overtime until late at night, you can prepare some day and night for yourself, but avoid eating instant noodles to fill your stomach to avoid too much fire. It is best to try to fill the hunger with fruits, toast, bread, and porridge. If you can, come to work with a vitamin B group nutrition pill. Prepare refreshing drinks, drink coffee late at night, preferably green tea, refreshing, and eliminate excess free radicals in the body, so that you are refreshed. At the same time, you can remind yourself not to think that things are too terrible. You may be bored when you are idle. Now working overtime can make you go home for a good year. With psychological goals, you can ease your overtime mood. In addition, colleagues work overtime together, and they are not happy. They can talk to each other and take a small party at noon or at night to go out and sing and relax. In the constant overtime work, white-collar workers must also arrange their own work, do not be in a hurry, organized and planned work can have a multiplier effect. For example, ask for clear goals and requirements at work, do not repeat work, and try to improve work efficiency.  

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