17-layer composite cast film production line

Battenfeldgast Engineering Company announced that it has newly designed and manufactured a 17-layer composite barrier film production line including 9 extruders, which will further expand the company's customer to a 34-layer composite film production line.

The newly-launched 17-layer composite film line can produce highly stretch-formed films to high barrier films for pouch packaging and distillable packaging. Uniquely designed 9- or 17-layer film feeders and universal die heads, as well as improved cast film production equipment, will help reduce the cost of expensive barrier film resins.

The production line includes model 1011S winding equipment from Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering. The device can be equipped with a pop-up steel core or a paper core set on a pop-up pneumatic steel shaft to wind the film.

The 17-layer composite film production line will be put into production in the first half of 2006.

Ice Bucket:

Ice bucket is mainly used as a container for beer, and it is suitable for various bar parties, family picnics and gardens. The main material is galvanized iron and tinplate, and the thickness of the barrel is 0.28mm and 0.35 mm.

As for the size ,color logo and the handle type of our high quality bucket, it will be customized according to the different needs of customers.

And our bar buckets are relatively cheap, durable and easy to use. we will pay more attention to details, develop and innovate with advanced manufacturing technology.

Ice Bucketbar buckets

Ice Bucket

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