Vision sensor that can perform multiple detection functions simultaneously

The new super vision sensor produced by Banner Engineering incorporates a complete set of inspection functions into a simple high-performance unit. This low-cost Presence PLUS P4 OMNI can simultaneously verify the multiple performances of parts in applications where these applications were required in the past. Use complex and expensive vision systems.

The above applications include the detection of presence or absence in sorting, inspection, and quality management processes. These sensors can be used in pharmaceuticals, automotive manufacturing, metal stamping, plastic forming, packaging and other industries.

P4 OMNI's inspection tools include positioning, graphic search, edge detection, target, binarization, average grayscale, graphic counts and measurements, up to 2000 parts per minute at 640 x 480 (300,000 pixel) resolution Up to 1,200 parts per minute at 1280 x 1024 (1.3 million pixels) resolution.

The P4 OMNI is configured using the common PC program of Banner Vision Sensor. Its user interface is concise and intuitive, and anyone who has basic computer skills can use the Quick TEACH function to easily program for detection. The button-type Remote TEACH function can be used to replace the part under inspection without reconnecting the PC. The device provides a connection to Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP industry-standard network protocols, and outputs data via Ethernet or RS232 serial ports. A real-time video output without a PC is used to display detection images.

This product is available in both vertical and right angle mounting styles. The mounting bracket is suitable for all common production and packaging requirements, including conveyor side rails and mechanical mounting.

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The Aluminum Casement Windows are a traditional style of window commonly found in commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-grade houses, villas and other high-grade buildings in the city. These windows, rather than sliding open and closed, are more like small doors with glass windows: They are hinged and swing open and closed, like a door. Although most Casement Windows just swing inward so as to open them, some are opened outward by turning the crank on the inside, just under the window. 

We use 

1.6083-T5 aluminum profile with durable powder coated that can keep non-rusty over 30 years

2.Austrilian standard double tempered glass can enhance the ability of heat insulation for windows & doors

3.Strong stainless steel mosquito net can perfectly prevent from mosquito and insects and are stable and durable, can be used over 10 years.

4.Multiple locking system, SUS 304 frication hinge and Germany HOPO handles

Profile can be used thermal break aluminum profile, with stronger heat-insulation and sound proof performance.

Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum Casement Windows

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