Excellent all-round M series proofing station

Data Technology's fourth-generation CAD proofing table, the M 3000 series proofing table launched in 2002, contains 35 years of experience of Data Technology. At present, more than 2,000 devices have been installed. The M 3000 proofing table has brought CAD cutting technology to a whole new stage.

Thanks to its versatile cutting head, the M 3000 can cut a wide range of materials and can produce small batches; the M 3000 has a production speed that breaks industry records. In addition, unattended automatic production can be achieved if an optional DDC is installed.

The M 3000 proofing table can not only accurately cut a variety of materials, such as: cardboard, three-wall corrugated board, plastic board, foam plastic board, etc. It is said that it is the ideal equipment for small batch production. Therefore, the M 3000 proofing station is a natural companion for digital presses. In this way, the production process no longer requires a printing plate or a cutting stencil, which is an all-digital experience.

The M 3000 proofing table has a variety of web sizes to meet the needs of each processor. It has the following features:
● The T3 tool head patented technology combines various tools to avoid the inefficiency of replacing tool heads for each change.
● Fully-automated tool identification technology ensures quick and smooth replacement and installation of tools such as pens, knives, creasing wheels and router tools.
● A full range of material handling methods makes it easy to feed materials on either side.
● Laser beam positioning device for easy and accurate positioning.
● Powerful vacuum material adsorption device to avoid any movement during operation and reduce waste.
● Low noise technology, it can work quietly in any environment.
● Built-in beam safety system ensures operator safety.
● The front-end control software based on Windows system can be compatible with almost all CAD software.
● Easy touch screen operation.

The T3 tool head consists of three brackets that hold any tool in any combination and holds the tool from the top and bottom. In addition, the pressor foot system is very flexible, and the quick-change dovetail system can be used to mount the presser foot in any combination.

With the success of the M 3000 series proofing table, Data Technologies decided to diversify its production. In 2003, they combined the M 3000 series platform with a wear-resistant planer head and introduced a new system called the MR series. The system opens up new markets and new application opportunities, but it is mainly used to produce counter plates, impositions, and boxes. In 2004, Data Technology Corporation continued to improve the equipment by incorporating a compact 1000-watt laser resonator into the ML series. This new system is mainly used for the production of cutting stencils.

The laser can produce the most accurate and reliable cutting template. However, due to the high cost of traditional high-energy lasers, they are usually not economically appropriate for processors. However, the ML series now enables processors to obtain laser technology at a very low price, and can produce low-cost professional templates.
M-series proofing tables, routers, and lasers provide processors with a one-stop service. Today, many companies producing color boxes, cartons, display stands, special packaging, digital printing, and consumer goods have installed M 3000 series proofing tables. In addition, almost all multinational companies and most wholly-owned companies have M 3000s. Some companies even use several M Series devices at the same time. A wholly-owned group has installed three M-series devices, each of which is used for different tasks: M 1200 for color box production, M 3000 for corrugated boxes, and ML for stencil production.

In the near future, the M 3000 will incorporate camera positioning technology and rolling feeders to meet the needs of the graphic and video industry. The M laser will increase the rotating device, so as to achieve the production of flat stencils and rotating stereoscopic stencils.

Source: "Global Box Industry"

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