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The profitability of today's companies is declining. Companies are actively seeking ways to reduce costs. Reducing the weight of the package will benefit both the environment and the profitability of the company. Use less material to produce packaging and practice weight reduction on packaging. Therefore, plastic containers, plastic cans, plastic hoses, and plastic bottle caps and other types of containers are more likely to achieve weight reduction goals.

After a plastic package has been successfully weight-reduced, fewer resin materials are required in the injection molding process. Because of the use of less packaging materials, lightweight packaging is very beneficial to the environment, but this is not her The only advantage, lightweight packaging also has the advantage of using more, for example, can effectively reduce the cost of materials.

Many plastic bottle suppliers said that a large number of daily chemical companies have shown great concern for lightweighting, especially for mass personal care products, such as skin care products in plastic bottles or plastic cans. In general, plastic bottles or plastic cans are easier to achieve than lightweight injection molded containers. Lightweight plastic packaging can ease people's concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development. More and more people choose products with better packaging, faster production speeds, stronger packaging, and reduced weight. Today's companies sell products in large quantities. At the same time, a small reduction in the amount of resin used on each package can bring considerable economic benefits to the company. In particular, under the premise that the price of resin materials has never been raised before, more and more companies are increasingly sending lightweight packages. interest.


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