The trend of mahogany furniture entered the "three nine days" speculation and invested more than investment

As the saying goes: "There is no shot in 1929, and the ice is on the 3,394." It is obvious that the three or nine days is the coldest season in winter, and the real mahogany furniture market has ushered in three or nine days, regardless of the volume. Prices have entered a few winters.

In the past three years, it has continued to soar in recent years. With the introduction of a series of national policies to withstand economic crisis, China's economy has developed steadily, which has made the art market for collecting art in the collection market extremely hot. Among them, the classical furniture market, which has attracted wide attention from collectors and investors, is more active. For example, in the short-term months from July last year to the beginning of this year, the price rose from 30,000 yuan to 40,000, an increase of more than 25%. The rise in the price of mahogany furniture is largely due to the rise in raw materials. The most precious thing on the market is the lobular rosewood, whose price has risen from 400,000 yuan/ton last year to 400,000 yuan/ton in the first half of this year. The large-leaf rosewood also rose from 48,000 yuan/ton at the beginning of last year to 120,000 yuan/ton, which shows that the increase rate is higher than that of finished furniture.

Long history, chic and elegant, and popular. According to records, mahogany furniture began to appear in the Ming Dynasty. Because of its high-grade materials, natural wood color and texture, the craftsman craftsmanship is exquisitely crafted, the finished furniture is exquisite and chic, the appearance is simple and symmetrical, and it is appreciated by famous scholars. The modern mahogany furniture mostly chooses the original natural wood and wood preciousness. The production is basically made of pure hand-made craftsmanship. It contains rich cultural and artistic charm, and at the same time it is favored by high-end people and literati for its environmental protection and solid durability.

The price and price have fallen, the mahogany market is coming in winter, but the crazy mahogany furniture market has seen a fall in prices in recent months, and this fall has accompanied the decline in volume. The hot mahogany furniture market is now chilling. Thick. Ms. Li, who has been doing mahogany furniture business for nearly a decade, told reporters that "in the past, there were basically transactions every week, and in recent months, transactions have fallen sharply, sometimes even one month is not as good as the previous week. Now I can only play the price reduction card and exchange the discount for the customer's attention." The reporter found that in the furniture market for an hour or so, there are very few consumers coming to the market, and the people who come to the store to inquire about the goods are even more There are only a handful.

Industry insiders and reporters chatted, "At this time of the year, although it was not the peak season for the sale of mahogany furniture, the sales volume was quite impressive. But this year's business was surprisingly deserted, and often it could not be sold for a long time." The market for mahogany furniture has entered the winter.

The reason is that speculation is greater than investment. In recent years, the domestic mahogany furniture market has turned cold after continuous high temperature. Experts say that the rise is due to the noble and elegant characteristics of mahogany furniture, the huge preservation space and the possession of collectors. On the other hand, due to the downturn in the domestic stock market in recent years and the state's restrictions on the real estate market, many speculative funds have entered the art and classical furniture collection market. These funds, after selecting a certain type of speculative target, use a variety of means to speculate on it to make its price rise quickly and throw out a quick profit. This approach not only disrupts the normal collectibles market, but also drives many unidentified investors to catch up with it. When the market reached a certain high level, these funds chose to flee, which led to the break of the capital chain of the entire market, causing both prices and transactions to enter the cold "three or nine days."

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