Nude makeup instantly increases your gas field

Naked makeup not only has the perfect concealer of the beautiful PS, but many girls think that there is no gas field in nude makeup. In fact, it is a big mistake. With the right method, you can create an elegant nude makeup in just 4 steps, so that you can suddenly increase your gas field.

Step1: Hydrating foundation to create flawless makeup

Nude makeup, instantly increase your gas field

The liquid texture of the liquid foundation is more moisturizing than the powder. It is not easy to take away the moisture on the face. Mix it with the emulsion in a ratio of 2:1. This will increase the moisturizing effect of the foundation and make the skin of the face better moisturized.

It is recommended to use a sponge to follow the texture of the skin, and push the oil or paste to a uniform place. Instead of using the oil to replace the lotion, you can make your own makeup moisturizing. Don't push back and forth repeatedly, apply the foundation back and forth, it will only make the foundation have flaws, and it will appear dry, so don't paint it many times.

Tips: The most taboo of the hydrating nude makeup is the phenomenon of card powder, so there is a difference between different skin makeup, dry skin should choose a moisturizing effect superior foundation cream, oil skin MM is best to use makeup to last cover Strong powder, mixed skin can use powder cake in the T area, liquid area in the U area, and sensitive skin is suitable for the base product containing mineral ingredients.

Step2: Light and thin repairing products highlight the complexion

Nude makeup, instantly increase your gas field

The repairing of the nude makeup is as simple as brightening the cheeks and partially concealing. Generally, orange concealer is selected to cover the dark circles of the eye. If the dark circles are very deep, it is necessary to adjust the color difference between the skin color and the dark circles. The method of brightening the cheekbone suggests using a touch-off powder instead of blush, and making a nude nude makeup that does not emphasize cheek color, as long as it is good. A box of powder for all bright and bright, with some touch-up effect, brush the apple muscles that rise when smiling.

Tips: To grasp the places where the focus should be concealed, such as acne and deep-rooted wrinkles under the eyes, red blood around the nose or shadows after hair removal, do not think that nude makeup can make you streaking.

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