Screen printing machine - the main force to achieve special printing uv equipment!

Screen printing machine is the main force to achieve special printing uv equipment! China uv network provides you the best explanation:

First, from the concept of special printing technology:

The concept of special printing has great relativity. It is a branch of printing that has been developed on the basis of general printing technology using general printing technology. If there is no progress in general printing technology, there will be no special printing. Therefore, it is not possible to completely separate the two, nor can they be opposed to each other.

Second, from the technical point of view of the printing process:

It is the main feature of special printing. Mainly for the printing or printing products in the entire production process of the particularity, such as the printing principle includes not only pressure printing, but also pressureless printing; plate making methods and the use of different plates, plate making process is also different; post-press processing does not mean Books are bound, and most of them refer to coatings such as glossing.

Screen printing machine provides special printing speciality:

The special nature of the printing process determines the specificity of the equipment used. Such as the use of special printing stereo cameras, digital cameras, holographic cameras, special plate-making equipment and printing imprinting equipment and post-press processing and processing equipment.

Screen printing equipment carries the diversity of special printing:

The diversity of substrates is mainly reflected in three aspects. First, printing materials include paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, metal, glass, fabric, and synthetic resin fibers. Second, the printing surface is not only flat, but also Curved surface, rigid surface, elastic surface and moldings, etc. Thirdly, in addition to the conventional specifications, there are various sizes and specifications for substrates.

The film has excellent heat sealing performance and excellent transparency, is one of the main packaging composite base materials, used in the production of high-temperature boiling film, vacuum aluminum coating film, the market is very optimistic.Moreover, with the development of domestic production equipment, some of the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.As a result, the threshold to enter the film production is lower and lower.Because of this, some enterprises rush to import the flow of film production line in order to reach the designated position, the higher the level, the better, while leaving the market demand and the return on investment aside, which will cause huge waste of resources.

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