2011 European floor fashion trends guide Asian trends

Use materials, design, and environmental protection to interpret the latest antique fashion trends. As the birthplace of fashion and art, European design, architectural style and even fashion have always guided the trend of Asian design in the direction of the wind vane. The development of the floor is also deeply affected.


Fashion, new products, trends A feast of the home industry - 2011 European floor fashion trends release and Golden Eagle Iger new product promotion conference was held in Beijing on June 9, 2011. At the promotion meeting, 6 new collections of the Millennium New Year series, which incorporates the latest international retro fashion concept and combines Chinese ancient charm, are unveiled. This series of new products is based on the selection of wood recycled from ancient buildings. After a hundred years of baptism, the shrinkage rate is high, which fully inhibits the deformation of the sheet. In the production process, the three-layer surface layer, the substrate layer and the balance layer are used, and the pure solid wood substrate structure which is horizontally and vertically staggered avoids the deformation problem caused by the unidirectional fiber of the wood to the greatest extent. It is supplemented with the surface treatment of plant essential oil, which is breathable and environmentally friendly.


At the event, Golden Eagle Iger also brought the latest European floor trends in the era of extreme antiques and environmental protection, which made Chinese consumers and designers refreshed and set off a new wave of elegant retro style. In addition, the company's innovative concept of Golden Eagle Iger also for the first time with the world's top high-end audio and furniture brands B&O, CALIA cross-border cooperation, to create the ultimate fashion home quality life for consumers, leading the new style of fashion life in 2011. As the guide of the international fashion home concept, Golden Eagle Iger has been adhering to the principle of “giving the floor with artistic vitality” for many years. It not only integrates international fashion into design, but also integrates natural elements with modern crafts, and brings the latest trends in Europe. Sharing with the industry, I hope to lead the Chinese home industry into a new era of international fashion life.


In the current retro style, the antique floor that has continued the absolute protagonist status of high-end flooring has undoubtedly become a must for low-key luxury decoration. On the requirements of floor materials such as material selection, design color and environmental protection properties, the antique floor has been further improved, which has become the main source of floor fashion trends this year.


Raw materials - the choice is more demanding, looking for European ancient architecture, Japanese temples, the fine materials of the Chinese old courtyard. Green recycling of ancient buildings and beams to maintain ecological balance.


Design - retro style and popular. In the 1970s, design techniques based on natural quaint tones, clear textures, surface reliefs or embossed effects have been synonymous with fashion flooring. Nowadays, retro style has become a trend after modern methods such as translucent coloring and carbonization.


Environmental protection - Non-formaldehyde is the pursuit of people in promoting true, environmentally friendly and natural. The use of formaldehyde-free non-aldehyde adhesives has become the mainstream. This product does not add any aldehyde-based components and becomes the most important part of achieving zero formaldehyde on the floor. Create a popular, more environmentally friendly, and thus achieve future trends.

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