Digital binding technology

Products that can be printed by digital printing include books, pamphlets, bids, calendars, etc. Therefore, the commonly used binding methods include wireless glue binding, saddle stitching, lock stitching, iron wire binding, spiral stitching, and circle stitching. It should be noted, however, that it is important to decide which binding method to use before starting to print the job, rather than blindly waiting for it to be considered after printing. Because different binding methods (such as perfect binding and saddle stitching) have different requirements for the layout of pages in the prepress typesetting stage. The decision of which kind of binding method to use should be based primarily on the customer's requirements, the characteristics of the paper used, the orientation of the paper, and the end use of the print.

Before binding, the printed product is generally folded. When the amount of printed paper exceeds 120g, folding a fold before the folding can make the folding easier, and the folded printed sheet is smoother and more beautiful. In fact, regardless of the kind of paper, if the creases are folded before the folding, it can get good results. Crimp creases can be done on a special press creaser machine, which has a desktop machine, but also has a larger press crease, punching dual-use type. If there is an indentation mold, it can also be done on a flat press. In addition, some folding machines themselves have the function of creases. The appearance of cracks in printed images of impressed or folded sheets may be due to the drying of the sheet, and the higher the quantification of the sheet, the more likely the failure is. Therefore, to avoid cracks, the paper should be kept at a proper humidity and not too dry. In addition, folding the paper in the direction of the paper web can also avoid the occurrence of breakage at the crease. If you are processing books and digital printing, the orientation of the paper should be parallel to the spine of the final finished book. Of course, laminating the printed paper can also prevent cracks from appearing at the printed hinges. Indentation should also pay attention to the depth of indentation should be moderate, if you use the indentation machine, should pay attention to speed not open too fast.

At present, domestic digital printing shops use more or flat-booking, especially in the form of wireless glue binding, which is not only beautiful, but also bound firmly. When designing a flat-book, the first thing to note is that there is enough room for binding between the order and the text. For example, when the O-spiral thread has a 3:1 ratio (3 holes per inch), Leave at least 3/8 inch of blank space; when the ratio of holes is 2:1, leave at least 1/2 inch of blank space. This blank refers to the distance between the mouth and the nearest line edge. In order to clearly define the specific location of the processing, the designer is better to understand the changes of the actual printing paper after the digital printing before the digital printing process, which is particularly important for digital printing. Most computer design programs do not consider slight changes in the thickness of printed paper. In digital printing, the color material printed on the surface of the paper causes a change in the thickness of the printed sheet. When the digital printed sheets are bound in tens of pages, the accumulated thickness Changes may make the computer's carefully calculated binding size meaningless. Therefore, we must master the proof change parameters of the actual production paper after digital printing in order to accurately calculate the thickness of the book during the printing design, so as to ensure the proper binding size after the printing process. As with adhesive offset printing, digital adhesives also need to consider the amount of cutting. In addition to leaving a 1/8-inch back allowance on the back of the book, a 1/8-inch cutout is also required on the other three sides of the book. In addition, a 1/4-inch glue area should be left in the lower part of the book cover to prevent glue from seeping into the next book in the binding. The wireless glue binding process also requires that the printed cover should be larger than the text size. Wireless glue binding finishing processing is also an important post-press processing method in the digital printing binding mode. The key to the hardcover process is how to bond the book block to the hard case and produce books that can be stored for long periods of time. Although the cost and time spent on the adhesive binding of wireless adhesives seem to be somewhat out of proportion to the digital printing for the short-run printing market, some post-printing companies have pre-prepared different colors, styles, and differences commonly used in digital printing. Hardcover bookcases of the size are used by digital printers. Therefore, the binding of wireless adhesives has become a common binding method for digital printing.

In wireless glue binding, some books or booklets sometimes appear to be paged off. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. There are reasons for the glue and the reason for the machine.

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