Strong removal of nose blackheads is absolutely true and effective

Does the blackhead on the nose make you feel ashamed to see people, and the makeup can't be covered even thickly, so how can you be married with New Year's friends? Xiaobian teaches you a powerful way to remove the blackheads of the nose, absolutely true and effective, so that your nose is visible.

The blackheads of the nose are formed by the fact that the surface of the sebum that clogs the pores is exposed to the outside and is caused by oxidation, which is characterized by coarse pores and blackening of the top.

To the nose blackhead principle: Decompose sebum that clogs pores.

Go blackhead

Strong removal of the nose blackhead first step: steam smoked face

Steam the face before going to the nose and blackhead, which helps to open the pores, which is more conducive to clear the sebum that clogs the pores. Or after washing your face, apply a face with a hot towel. The effect is the same.

Go blackhead

Strong removal of nose blackheads second step: apply mask

It is the kind of mask that has the effect of removing blackheads. It is the best muddy thing. It is strong to suck out the dirty things that block the pores. If it is sensitive skin, it is recommended to go to the pharmacy to specially match some Chinese medicines to blackheads, and make a blackhead mask. .

Suitable for any skin, dry skin should not exceed 10 minutes per use; it is recommended to use once a week or separately for acne acne every day. When using, please wash the face with cold water after the mask is dry, and use PTR essence/moisturizing product.

Note: Mud masks are particularly easy to dry, so keep spraying to maintain moisture.

Go blackhead

Strong removal of nose blackheads Step 3: Go blackhead massage oil

After 15 minutes, wash off the mask, then wipe your nose and keep your nose dry. Then massage the oil, and ask for the special blackhead. Massage for three minutes, you can feel the dirt is massaged.

Tyre Galette Magic Cleansing Oil

Dr.Jart+ Magic Cleansing Oil uses high-tech extraction of rice bran oil, papaya extract, aloe vera, O2 complex, dentate extract, vitamin e, combined with the three concepts of makeup remover, interface and skin care:

1. It is convenient to use, and it can moisturize the skin while washing the makeup residue without irritation and refreshing. (It can effectively clean BB Cream, no need to use other cleansing products)

2, heavy makeup (or point makeup) can be thoroughly cleaned at one time. The refreshing natural oil forms a protective film for the skin to prevent dryness.

3. Developed with the latest medical technology, there is no oily feeling after cleansing (oil will not stay in the skin), oily and sensitive skin can also be used with peace of mind.

How to use Magic Cleansing Oil: Pour the magic cleansing oil into the palm of your hand without any water, massage gently on your face, then rinse with water.

Go blackhead

Strong removal of nose blackheads Step 3: Moisturizing shrink pores

Keep moisturizing, apply a little water with shrink pores, or pour water directly onto the cleansing cotton, apply it for 5 minutes, then apply moisturizer. This step must be done, otherwise it will make your pores bigger. Blackheads are more embarrassing  

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