How to use facial cleanser most effectively

The facial cleanser is pure in color, elegant in aroma, fine in texture, and has good fluidity, ductility and permeability. Use it to wash your face to remove sweat, grease, foundation, dander, etc., with its makeup remover can thoroughly wash away oil paint, powder, lipstick, eyebrows, etc. It is best for washing away eye shadow cream that is difficult to remove. There are some special-purpose facial cleansers that can be used under anhydrous conditions. They not only cleanse the facial skin, but also have the functions of skin care, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. After use, the facial skin can be soft and smooth. Because of the excellent cleansing and health care effect of facial cleansing and facial cleansing, it has the unparalleled advantages of using soap to cleanse the skin, so it is favored by consumers.

Facial cleanser

Ordinary / daily face wash

A. Wet your face with warm water, take a proper amount of cleansing products, warm in your palms and put your hands together to make a rich foam (adding natural palm temperature can help skin care products to better cleanse).

B. Apply foam to your face with a gentle massage. The method is: gently loop the face from the bottom to the top, from the inside out. Do not rub back and forth very hard to avoid sagging skin.

C. It is best to wash with the fingertips of the "face" (ie, the middle finger and the ring finger). Also don't take too long. In order to prevent the washed out substances from being absorbed again by the skin.

D. For difficult to wash places on both sides of the bridge of the nose, use the middle finger of both hands to clean.

E. Rinse the skin care product thoroughly with clean water, preferably with running tap water. And use "cold water" to shrink the pores.

Weekly intensive wash method:

First, lightly cover the face with a hot towel (slightly hot) and gently press the towel with your fingers to make the towel close to the face and eye skin, let the hot air on the towel stay for 30 seconds, and promote the blood circulation of the face.

Then, wash your face in accordance with normal/daily facial wash.

When the face is half-dried, put a spoonful of salt in the palm of your hand, add hydration to a thick solution, and then apply the solution as a face-washing cream to the face (except the eyes), and gently massage the face with the fingertips clockwise. (To prevent each dissolved salt from damaging the skin, the force must be light) After 30 seconds, rinse with water.

This method has a blackhead horny and facial massage effect. Suitable for those with dull skin and poor color.

Note: Oily skin should be used 2 to 3 times a week, and dry and neutral skin should be used 1 or 2 times.

A simpler cleansing cloth can be used to remove makeup, deep cleansing, exfoliation and massage.

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