Three sexy lips makeup that men love

The sensory part of the woman is the most attractive lips, the lip line is obvious and the lips are shiny and elastic. Today, I will introduce three super-attractive lip makeup that are popular among men.

Virgin red like a classic son-in-law

Regardless of the East and West, female stars like to rub red lipstick on formal occasions, leaving red, and using it properly can make you feel that you are a legitimate beauty. The celebrity red is introverted and noble, leaving the most profound impressions, such as the Dior classic deep red on the mysterious woman on the Orient Express and the Lancome rose red that inspires the female charm, leaving him with an impressive style.

No pearly pink

I used to worry that pink is too cute, and I dare not use this type of lipstick? Just pick the frosty pink without pearls, you can promote the noble and lovely of the adult taste, the outer depth, the inner light, the two pink overlaps, the lips are full and sexy

Skin nude lip

The bare skin is very fashionable, but in real life, it is better to add some luster unless it is black, otherwise the oriental person is yellowish and white, and it is easy to be lifeless with the flat lipstick. Add a touch of luster to make the lip color stylish and healthy.

Adding pearlescent powder along the upper lip line, the nude lips are double-twisted and the mouth is too small, and the pink color on the skin can add a sense of weight to the lips. The natural lip color is deep, first faded with concealer, which can make the nude lips more perfect. Boldly painted pearl white on the entire upper lip line, the lips become full and full.

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