Waste recycling industry is picking up

“The newspapers in the house have been dying for almost half a year. When they get out and sell, they discover that the waste newspapers have gone up.” Sister Sun lives near Truth Road in Hebei District and sold more than 30 yuan at a price of 7 cents per kilogram a few days ago. Kilograms of waste newspapers. The reporter visited the multi-district waste collection station in the city and learned that after the Spring Festival, many “broken” worths have been raised, and the increase has generally exceeded 10%. The community’s “broken king” can earn more every month. Hundred.

Seventy-five kilograms of waste newspaper

At noon yesterday, the reporter came to a waste collection point near the Liuzhuang pontoon bridge in Hedong District. Sister Lee, the person who is selling the waste, told reporters: “The price increase is a headache, but the increase in scrap purchase prices can make my family more than a month. Earn a few bucks," said Big Sister Lee, pointing to the scrap she had just sold, saying that the most wasteful newspapers are now worth a pound, which can sell 6 hairs, 5; beer bottles, a hair of 2 cents, and waste magazine books, a pound of 5 cents. “This is a map that is convenient for sale at the door of the house. If you go to a formal purchase station in front of you, you can sell 5 cents more for a pound of newspapers.”

Afterwards, the reporter visited several other scrap purchase sites in Hebei, Hexi, and Hongqiao Districts. At present, the average monthly newspaper price is 7 cents per kilogram, the average value of waste magazines is 5 cents per kilogram, and the average value of non-skinned copper is 25 yuan per catty. . However, the reporter also found in some communities that the purchase price of scrap was lower than the average price of the market. "After the Spring Festival, the prices of many types of waste products have increased slightly, of which waste newspapers, waste books, scrap copper and iron have risen the most, and have risen by an average of more than 1 gross cash per catty."

Many staff at the acquisition station stated that at the end of last year, the prices of old newspapers were maintained at about 6 cents per catty, and the discarded books were almost 4 cents per catty. Now the newspaper has risen to 7 cents a pound. Although it hasn't risen much, it has risen in price. It is still more cost-effective to sell waste now.

"Tattered King" earns nearly one hundred yuan per month

The continuous increase in the purchase price of scrap products has made more people willing to dump waste products, and the monthly income of the “Broken King” has also seen a relatively significant increase.

The master Xue, who often collects waste products in the neighborhood of Dahutong, Hongqiao District, told reporters: “The price of some scrap products is actually higher than last year, and the citizens and some small vendors are willing to sell more waste products. This one month, they can almost earn more. Hundreds of dollars." Master Xue said, now the newspapers and households from the residents' homes are 7 cents a pound, and then sold to the next level of acquisition is a pound of 8 hair, "the price of waste newspapers is high, selling newspapers Also, when the original newspaper was more than 5 years old, running a day would not necessarily be able to collect 100 pounds. Now when it is more, it will be able to receive 100 kilograms in one morning."

In addition, the reporter also learned that compared to the “tattered king” where ordinary street goods are collected for waste, “tattered king” fixed in a certain community or a booth is more likely to make money. "Our family's waste products are basically sold to the recycling points at the entrance to the community, where the prices are relatively reasonable, and the owner is also relatively familiar." Su Dajie, who lives in the hotel south road, said. The owner of the recycling site in the mouth of Sister Su also confirmed that he can earn nearly fifty to sixty yuan more per month than ordinary mobile collections.

Waste recycling industry is picking up

The rising prices have allowed waste to become “waste and treasure”, which has also allowed the city's recycling industry to gradually recover. Responsible persons from several large material recovery companies in the city confirmed to reporters: “The increase in the unit price of waste recycling after the Spring Festival has allowed more and more companies to join the field of material recovery.”

The person in charge of Hong Shunda Material Recycling Co., Ltd. stated that the current price of material recovery has indeed increased, and the transaction volume has also increased significantly. The average recycling price per ton of waste newspapers ranges from 1,300 to 1,400 yuan, and the recycling price of scrap iron is average. About 2,600 yuan per ton. Mr. Qin of a material recycling company also stated: “The continuous increase in the purchase price of waste products has driven the recovery of the entire waste recycling industry.” In 2008, the price of waste paper once rose to 2,300 yuan/ton, and later fell to 800 yuan/ton. . At that time, more than 30% of the waste recycling companies had ceased operations due to losses, and the entire industry was in a slump. The higher prices of this industry also made the entire industry active again.

Raw material prices push up scrap prices

Why are the prices of waste products represented by waste newspapers gradually rising after the Spring Festival? Qin told reporters that scrap prices are closely related to the prices of finished products and changes in upstream and downstream industries.

At the end of last year, the price of newsprint began to rise sharply. In March this year, newsprint prices soared again. At the same time, pulp prices in the international market are also rising. Under such circumstances, many papermaking enterprises gradually increase the proportion of waste paper recycling. The price of used newspapers has risen. “The waste recycling industry is in fact a barometer of the macroeconomic situation. When the economic situation was depressed in 2009, the price of waste recycling did not go up and the business was not good. Now the price of waste products keeps rising, and the market continues to warm up, and it also refracts to some extent. The current economic situation is better."

In addition, the rise in the recovery price of scrap copper and iron is also closely related to the increase in demand from upstream industries. At present, with the gradual improvement of the domestic macro economy, many companies that use scrap metal as raw materials have opened up enough horsepower to increase production capacity. At the same time, the internal competition in the industry has increased, and the demand for raw materials for enterprises has soared, which has also pushed up scrap metal. The recycling price.

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