Several self-regulations in computer graphic design

First, pay attention to fonts

Whether it is logo or typesetting. As a sign, sometimes graphics are secondary, and fonts can help you solve many problems, study hard, and master the design of fonts.

Second, the font

Everything is inseparable from the layout, all layouts are inseparable from the font. As the most outstanding representative of Oriental culture-Chinese fonts, you have to think carefully.

At the beginning, you'd better think of whether it is Song type or bold type. Under special circumstances, you should consider whether to choose a font other than these two fonts. Simply put, the Song type is very rigorous, solemn, and noble; the bold type is very modern, neat, and simple.

Secondly, the pitch of the font is preferably smaller than the regular pitch. Taking "0" as the standard, you'd better choose "-50", which can be applied to headline typesetting. As a large-area text layout, the spacing between fonts needs to be slightly reduced. The sparse spacing can not only complete the task of easy reading , But will make your eyes tired. Grasp the difference between "compact" and "sparse".

Finally, the height of the font should be flattened, that is, flattened, so that the Chinese characters will look more like Chinese characters. That's right, let's try it, it's all very simple.

3. Format
If you do n’t have enough skills, or if you do n’t have enough time, it ’s best to use a safe typesetting. Remember, in commercial design, do n’t easily try exaggerated and leaping layouts. The more casual and messy excellent works, the more time you need, you need to build a solid foundation, and you need to handle all the Details, and create more details. In a plane, the distance between two elements can be extended to infinity, but you have to have enough strength to prevent them from running out of bounds. The more chaotic, the harder, not the other way around. I emphasize business design, this is for your safety, because the customer pays, if your skill is still shallow, do not take risks. A simple test is that there are two dots on a piece of white paper. Think about how to deal with the size and distance of the two points, which can make the paper look tight and break soon. If you can create such a vision, you can create complex layouts.

Fourth, back to the "stable" layout, the most important point is: rhythm
What is rhythm? Because of the difference, all have a rhythm. Contrast, contrast, no matter the area, color or structure, do n’t need to be the same or different, otherwise, there will be no rhythm. You can understand the "rhythm" in typesetting by how the notes produce the melody.

5. Color
If you want to improve, try to abandon the orthodox red, yellow, blue and green. The feeling of color basically depends on talent. But it can also be cultivated. If you love to watch movies, pay more attention to the films of the masters, look at the colors used, take the common sense, look at Wang Jiawei's movies, each is a color science. What is color in graphic design? Colors are not red, yellow, blue, green, and colors are emotions. The selection and modulation of each color is an expression of every mood.

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