Preventive measures for several common printing faults such as shrinkage

Failure 1: Shrink

The ink film on the surface of the product after printing is retracted, so that the larger surface of the printing surface is exposed to the surface of the substrate. This phenomenon is called shrinking. This is due to poor wetting of the substrate by the printing ink. If the surface of the substrate contains oil stains, the surface of the plastic and the surface of the electrodeposition printing ink containing too many anti-scratch additives, etc., the printing plate is not eccentric or eccentric, and the direction of advance shrinks (no longitudinal direction), often causing partial shrinkage (break ).

Precautions: Before printing, strictly degrease the surface of the substrate and use special printing ink with low surface tension.

Fault 2: pits and pits

Foreign particles are attached to the wet ink film of the printing ink. These foreign particles spread on the wet ink film and repel the surrounding ink to form pits, also known as "pits". Observation can clearly see the presence of foreign particles in the center of the pit, also known as "pitting". This phenomenon generally does not reveal the substrate of the substrate.

Precautions: Control the environment, improve the cleanliness, and ensure the purity of the solvent or thinner without foreign matter.

Fault 3: thick edge

The corners of the ink film are particularly thick after printing, and the finished product looks like a frame, called "thick edge". This is because the solvent of the wet ink film at the corners evaporates faster than at other locations, causing the ink concentration at this location to be too high and the temperature to be lower than elsewhere, forming a high surface tension zone, which causes the adjacent ink to flow to the corners, thickening the ink at that location. membrane.

Preventive measures: Improve the thixotropy of printing ink, reduce printing pressure, and add appropriate amount of rheological additives.

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