The era of packaging prepress automation is here (Part 1)

Nowadays, people are more and more paying attention to "purchase a piece of leather" when buying commodities. All commodities must be packaged, all packaging must be printed, and all printing must be beautiful. Whether it is to send relatives or friends, or to buy and use, consumers are increasingly concerned about the grade of product packaging. In huge supermarkets and shopping malls, how can the dazzling array of products immediately arouse consumer interest? Product brands and product packaging must bear the brunt, and for new products, product packaging is undoubtedly the most direct trigger point that can cause customers to desire to buy.

In today's society, the economy is developing rapidly, and there are many uncertain factors; therefore, it is difficult for manufacturers to predict, and to grasp the direction of change, it is difficult to determine which product will have a future, and which product will have a problem, which leads to It is easier for enterprises to maintain safety and profitability under a small number of diverse production models.

The influence of world market interactions is endless, especially because of changes in climate, wars, infectious diseases, or other factors. There are likely to be some short and fast orders at any time, and these changes need to be responded to in a timely manner. For example, due to the spread of the SARS epidemic in Asia, production and consumption have undergone rapid short-term changes, resulting in the emergence of short orders for transient products, and local buyers rarely have a reasonable forecasting mechanism. Most of the urgent orders.

The packaging industry at home and abroad is gradually moving towards the trend of "a small amount of diversification." New products are emerging one after another. On average, new products are launched every week. The volume of new products launched by some manufacturers once this year may be the total amount of the previous year. Increasing the speed of product replacement will inevitably bring about rapid changes in product packaging.

Next, we will understand this trend based on the development of a certain packaging and printing company. At the end of the last century, the printing business of the packaging and printing enterprise was relatively stable, the packaging operations were not modified frequently, and the operations were relatively stable. Therefore, the prepress personnel of the enterprise can easily complete the prepress processing and other tasks of the operation, and the printing machine can also do it. Printing is alive; and today, the packaging and printing company often gets 30 to 40 short and urgent orders a day, and the original pre-press staff cannot operate at all, resulting in the idleness of the printing presses of the enterprise. After the production of the printing plate was completed, when the machine was printed, it was suddenly found that there was a problem with the plate, and the pre-press department reworked again. In this cycle, the owner of the packaging and printing enterprise was really miserable;

The "small amount of diversification" of the packaging industry development trend and the increase in consumer requirements for product packaging have brought tangible challenges and high-standard development requirements for the packaging pre-press department and packaging companies:

Shortened pre-press processing time-due to the shortened delivery cycle required by the user, it will inevitably lead to shortened working time in multiple links such as pre-press, printing, and post-press; pre-press processing, as the primary prerequisite for printing, must be guaranteed The quality of work, the level of sophistication, etc., will bring quality assurance to the printing work; the staff of the pre-press department often hangs on their lips, "No pre-press matter," as long as the pre-press department has an accident, It will inevitably bring a series of subsequent rework and postponement; how to check the pre-press production process to prevent hidden dangers from slipping out of the fingers of pre-press personnel, has become the pre-press supervisor and CEO of major printing and plate-making enterprises One of the top concerns.
 Difficulty in pre-press processing-due to the variety of user submissions and the different standards and methods of manuscript production, the pre-press department needs to spend a lot of effort on checking standard manuscripts, which has increased the printing The difficulty of the former staff;

The quality of prepress processing is improved ---- Due to the high standards of consumers for packaging, various manufacturers have stricter requirements for packaging. Prepress processing is the first step in the packaging and printing process, and the quality of manuscript processing is first guaranteed. Once the manuscript appears Unsatisfactory processing will bring about requirements such as rework and even redoing of the manuscript; this is also a huge pressure for pre-press processing staff;

Short simplification will reduce the average equipment utilization rate of packaging and printing enterprises and increase training costs. ---- Due to the small printing volume and tight delivery time of an order, it is very urgent for packaging and printing companies to improve the efficiency of each link. Pre-press, proofing, plate-making, printing, post-press finishing and many other links must be Work closely and efficiently. Otherwise, if there is a problem in one link, the other links will be affected. Just like dominoes, the problem will be transmitted and amplified step by step.

The occurrence of accidents such as rework of packaging operations, re-editing, and re-printing, in addition to the exponential increase in printing costs, the more serious problem is the decline in the reputation of printing companies and the loss of orders in the future. It has serious consequences.

Based on the analysis of the challenges and requirements of the prepress department, the packaging prepress department urgently needs to improve the efficiency and quality of prepress processing. The demand for packaging prepress automation is becoming more and more urgent. The era of packaging prepress automation has arrived! ! !

Next, we will understand how to improve the efficiency and quality of packaging pre-press work by automating the pre-press process from the four difficulties in packaging pre-press processing.

Difficult point one --- large operation trap volume

Difficult description: In the process of color printing and copying, due to equipment and process, it is impossible for people to achieve absolute registration in the true sense, even for digital printing machines. Because the process of high-speed paper transfer on the printing machine In general, there will be slight displacement and stretching; in addition, the paper will also have a certain deformation after absorbing fountain solution and ink, which will cause registration problems for color printing products.

Packaging operations usually require a large amount of trapping, and the trapping area of ​​general operations can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands; due to the higher requirements for packaging operations by manufacturers, trapping required by trapping in different areas of the same operation Width, shape, etc. are different, and even manufacturers will require trap areas to be modified frequently when communicating manuscripts. Therefore, these trap areas need to be modified from time to time during the prepress process.

(Operation manuscript—partial)

(After trapping--large trapping volume)

Difficulty analysis: Because the pre-press personnel need to set separate trap settings for each object in each job, the pre-press personnel work hard, and often need to repeatedly modify the trap area due to different pre-press personnel experience and customer requirements, So trapping work becomes a heavy and high-tech job. At present, the process software on the market cannot meet the professional packaging trapping requirements, and can only perform trapping processing with unified parameters for the overall operation; therefore, it cannot meet the requirements of pre-press personnel to modify while trapping; [next]

Automated trapping processing scheme: At present, trapping automation processing is divided into two categories, one is PDF-based process software, and the other is professional packaging automation trapping software; because the trapping processing requirements of packaging operations are delicate and must be Modifications are allowed from time to time, so professional packaging automation trapping software is particularly suitable for the handling of trapping in packaging operations;

Founder Sharp Packaging Solutions: Founder Sharp Packaging Products is a pre-press solution provided by Founder Group for domestic and foreign packaging and printing companies and some high-end commercial printing companies; this product has been installed in China and Japan since its launch in 2007. , Loved by the majority of prepress staff and management staff. The pre-printing personnel first complete the trapping process of the entire operation through the automatic trapping method of Founder Sharp Packaging Products, and then use the convenient trapping area modification tool to modify and perfect the individual trapping areas. The automatic trapping parameters executed It can be saved in the current file, which is convenient for the user to directly call out and use when modifying the file later; all trapping areas generated by Founder Sharp Packaging are generated using the overprint attribute, and can be output to CTP / CTF after being analyzed by the printing production process software;

The advantages of Founder's sharp packaging product solution: pre-press personnel perform fast and efficient trapping processing in the familiar Adobe Illustrator operating environment, which not only saves time, but more importantly, can effectively respond to the needs of front-end customers to modify trapping and other needs.
The pre-press staff of China Origen Corporation used Founder Sharp packaging, which originally required 5 hours of trap processing, but it is now completed in less than half an hour. The automatic trap function of Founder Sharp packaging not only saves a lot of traps Processing time reduces errors and problems in the process of trap printing, and improves the quality of prepress operations. Prepress staff no longer have to worry about the heavy trapping work.

Difficulties two ----- huge amount of work inspection

Difficult description: There are many types of objects that need to be inspected in packaging operations, especially some small objects such as hiding, overprinting, spot colors, etc., which are prone to omissions during manual inspection. high. This is mainly because the front end of the packaging operation is in contact with various designers, so some details in the design process cannot be known by the prepress staff, so it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and modification of the operation.

(Huge job inspection volume)

Difficult analysis: manual inspection of small objects is inherently risky, because personnel will be limited by various factors such as fatigue, negligence, and complicated inspection methods; in addition, some objects, such as JPEG compressed images, cannot be recognized by the human eye at all, so such files will be It is not possible to find problems until after RIP, which will cause repeated work of personnel such as prepress, proofing, RIP processing, etc., reducing production efficiency;

Automated inspection program: At present, the automatic processing of document inspection is divided into two categories, one is PDF-based process software, and most of the current process software on the market has inspection functions; the other is professional packaging automation inspection software; due to packaging operations The objects in are more complex and diverse. Objects such as transparency, special effects, images, etc. are all in the packaging operation. Professional packaging automation inspection software can provide more detailed and professional inspection document data, so it is especially suitable for packaging operation inspection work;

Founder's sharp packaging product solution: The pre-flying module of Founder's sharp packaging product contains more than 60 professional parameters, which can fully help prepress personnel to find all kinds of special objects, from text to lines, from image resolution to image compression, etc. Objects can be easily found. The most important thing is that various inspection templates can save users a lot of time. In addition, the searcher module of Founder Sharp Packaging Products helps users find the most detailed objects by combining multiple functions such as ink management. To directly locate the target object;

(Various inspection parameters)

Advantages of Founder's sharp packaging product solution: After using Founder's sharp packaging product, users no longer have to worry about whether there are small objects that have not been checked out, which also greatly saves the time for rework; the most important thing is: the sharp ticket's parameter ticket function can help The user saves various inspection parameters for future use, which can be said to be once and for all, truly for the user's consideration;

As the packaging trend of "a small amount of diversification" becomes more and more obvious, the business volume of various large-scale packaging and printing enterprises has increased exponentially, the job submission cycle has been shortened, and the quality requirements have been improved. Only an automated inspection method can completely solve this problem, find all job objects that do not meet the printing conditions, and control the printing quality from the source; to be continued ...

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