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The concept of practical equipment is usually the primary concern of the value of the use of equipment, while the concept of fashion equipment is sometimes more concerned about the brand's cultural value and collection value. People's survival and completion of the trekking in the wild require necessary equipment support. In other words: Basically, people use equipment to bridge the gap between natural conditions and their own conditions, which reflects the basic value of equipment. People's intimate contact with nature's media is the essence of the equipment. Regardless of the design evaluation or the use of equipment, the specific natural environment and the human body's own limitations are the two fundamental elements that must be clearly identified first. Their interaction and ever-changing relationship are the root causes of the complexity of the equipment problem.

A. Individual differences in people influence the choice of equipment.

People generally think that understanding oneself is more important than understanding the natural environment, and the fact may not be that: Compared with the natural environment, the basic physiological structure of people is similar, but each person’s “style” includes subjective strength and experience skills, choice and judgment ability. And even economic capabilities, etc.] vary widely, which directly affects the choice and use of equipment.
The argument is always more gargle, or for example: My skin is very sensitive to UV rays. Over 2,000 meters above sea level, the sun will burn for 1 hour. I am more ambitious than the average climber in the sun protection equipment. Much preparation.

B. The characteristics of the specific walking environment directly affect the choice of equipment.
It is easy to understand that any practical design has its own applicable conditions and environment, and it can only be equipped with applicable equipment according to the specific use environment. What should be emphasized here is: instead of blasphemy in the dazzling array of equipment brands, it is better to do a good job of "homework" - to fully optimize the trekking plan and understand the corresponding field environment, such as the choice of camping site will affect the camping equipment, the choice of routes Will affect the climbing equipment, the choice of weather will also affect the clothing and other, and so on... This is the basic equipment that decides to equip. For example, in winter, high winds and heavy snow, the temperature is low, a mountain range in central China, a camper for a trekkers at the same time there are three options: 1, the beam top of a flat meadow; 2, valley bottom river; 3, beam side of the pine forest. The different choices of these three camps will directly affect the use and selection of equipment: 1. You may need to increase the wind resistance of your tent by one or two levels; 2. The bottom of the valley is cold, and the insulation of sleeping bags is worth noting; 3. It is a good choice and optimization. The choice of equipment may sacrifice some wind-resistant insulation and comfort. But your backpack's size and weight may be greatly reduced, and you can bring more corrupt materials. This shows that even at the same time, the same mountains, subjective choices and judgments of hikers. And the difference in the small environment will affect the equipment.

C. The starting point for equipment design should also be the relationship between people and the environment.
Equipment design should be based on a deep understanding of the use of the environment. Building a typical model of the use of the environment is a feasible and practical way to ensure that the parameters of the design objectives are balanced and practical. For example, Qinling and Xiaowutai are two completely different environmental models during the winter. From the measured parameters, the Qinling Mountains in winter in most travel conditions, the wind power is less than 5, and the minimum temperature of the campground is between minus 5 and 10 degrees. The usual concept is that the temperature in winter in the primary and secondary schools is minus 20-30 degrees and the camping winds are 6-10. It has to be said that this is a very awesome concept. The main parameters of the Mount Everest and summer Antarctic hiking are probably related to the climbing season. similar. The equipment design for these two actual environmental models must be very different. Obviously, the practical use of the environment model should be one of the starting points and the key to equipment design.

D. What should the reader get from the equipment evaluation?
Equipment evaluation is the test and evaluation of equipment's application conditions and environmental satisfaction. Readers should pay more attention to the environmental models and design goals for a specific equipment, including the testing and evaluation of the actual level of satisfaction with the environmental model, in addition to the introduction of new technologies, new materials and brand culture. There is cloudless feeling in the cloud. After reading relevant information about the assessment, readers should be able to choose the appropriate equipment for the specific use environment and their actual situation. Respect and research on the environment and people should be the basis for establishing a practical equipment concept, and the correct concept will be The selection, use and design of the equipment and evaluation have a positive effect.

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