Nivea's eye-catching new packaging

In order to satisfy consumers' love for slender bottles, Beiersdorf Germany has re-launched its Nivea hair care products, using a slender and beautiful plastic bottle exclusively supplied by RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz.

This plastic bottle comes in two sizes, 250 and 400 ml, respectively. It is made of HDPE and PP. It is beautifully printed and has a round sliding body. It is very impressive and can bring out the quality of Nivea's high quality hair care products. .

Reprinted from: First Packaging

This part of BBQ Tools Set is packing with aluminum case for showing the professional .With a heavy duty aluminum case, it is easily store the Bbq Set when uses and assure tools' place. The case also makes it easy and portable  to take these tools  to picnics,  camping,party and more.This complete set of barbeque accessories is an ideal gift for any avid griller or cook. It is perfect for Father`s Day, birthdays, Christmas, wedding showers, as a housewarming present and more.Certainly ,customized is  accepted that you can print your logo on it or manufacture your design. Our Bbq Tools of handle material have many different choice like hardwood ,beech,PP,PVC, bakelite , metal etc..

Bbq Set With Aluminum Case

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