SAKATA Sakata Soybean Eco Ink Introduction

Soybean oil green ink

   SAKATA INX Sakata C Ecopure Soy is an environment-friendly soy ink based on the environmental index of the Ministry of the Environment and the SOYOIL logo. This series of inks has been certified by the US soybean oil environmental quality certification, Japan aromatic-free quality certification. This series of inks is particularly suitable for packaging and printing companies to choose as printed foods, pharmaceutical packaging products, electronic products export packaging.

Excellent printability

   Compared with traditional offset printing inks, they have improved rub resistance, gloss, good dot reproducibility, wider adaptability to fountain solution, and shorter drying time.

Outstanding abrasion resistance

   The unique ink manufacturing technology of Fukuda makes all inks in the Sakata series excellent in abrasion resistance.

C Ecopure Soy HP

   It is most suitable for advanced printing such as product descriptions, export brush products, and books. With vivid colors and excellent dot reproducibility.

C Ecopure Soy MP

   Maintained the basic performance of HP, high-grade ink designed for China's domestic advanced ink.

C Ecopure Soy RP

   Maintained the basic nature of HP and paid attention to economical inks. Basic performance is equivalent to HP, low price design.

Why Sakata Soybean Oil is More Environmentally Friendly

   Ink composition:

Ink field pigment, resin, vegetable oil, mineral oil, and additives.
The so-called environmental protection ink is the environmental improvement of the ink from the various components of the ink.


In the selection of pigments, the use of heavy metals-free pigments


In order to enable the use of more than 20% soy oil in the ink formulation, the U.S. Soybean Association soybean oil logo was obtained, and the use of mineral oil was reduced and the type of mineral oil was changed. From aromatic hydrocarbons to aromatic-free hydrocarbons, Sakata Co., Ltd. Years began to study the resin suitable for this system, is now the third generation, the basic performance of soybean oil ink and the traditional ink a few flat, in some ways even more than the traditional ink, such as the initial dry, friction resistance and so on.

Vegetable oil

The content of vegetable oil in traditional inks is 5-15%, mainly linseed oil. The Sakata C Ecopure series of environmentally friendly inks uses soybean oil, which contains 20% or more of the soybean oil. The soybean oil logo of the American Soybean Oil Association (Soybean Oil Association) is used to reduce the content of mineral oil by increasing the amount of vegetable oil, which reduces the production of VOCs.

mineral oil

The content of traditional ink mineral oil is 30-45%. The Sakata C Ecopure series soybean oil ink has a mineral oil content of less than 20% and uses an aromatic-free solvent.

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