Tips: Five Ways to Cycling Fitness [PHOTOS]

As a kind of tourism and fitness tool, the bicycle has been loved by the donkeys because of its convenient and lightweight structure.

Aerobic cycling method: Riding at a moderate speed, it is generally necessary to ride for 30 minutes in a row. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to deep breathing, which is good for the improvement of heart and lung function, and has special effects on weight loss.

Intensive cycling method: First of all, it is necessary to prescribe the speed of each cycle, followed by the provision of their own pulse intensity to control the riding speed, which can effectively exercise the human cardiovascular system.

The power-type cycling method is to forcefully ride according to different conditions, such as uphill and downhill, which can effectively improve the strength or endurance of the legs, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of thigh bone disorders.

Intermittent cycling method: When riding, first ride a few minutes slowly, then ride a few minutes faster, then slow, then fast, so alternate cycle exercise, you can effectively exercise the heart function.

Foot-centered cycling method: Using the soles of the feet (ie, Yongquan points) to contact the bicycle pedals can be used to massage acupuncture points. The specific approach is: When a pedal car, the other foot does not use force, with one foot to drive the bicycle to advance, every time a foot pedal car 30 to 50, exercise in the top wind or uphill, the effect is better.


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