Terminal Markets and Material Dealers Affect Stickers

Self-adhesive materials are a huge challenge to traditional label materials and a revolution in the field of labels. Since the 30's, adhesive material technology has spread rapidly all over the world. Some countries have set up factories to research and develop a variety of different types of self-adhesive label materials.

Industry Status

The development history of self-adhesive label materials is also the history of the development of science and technology in this century. At present, the basic status of sticker materials is:

1 fabric. Paper-based and a variety of materials, special applications, such as synthetic materials, security materials and transfer materials.

2 adhesives. Contaminated solvent-based, hot-melt adhesives have evolved into environmentally-friendly water-soluble emulsion adhesives.

3 coating technology. There are many coating methods, the current development direction is from the traditional roller coating, blade coating to high pressure casting coating development, to ensure the uniformity of the coating, to avoid the generation of bubbles and pinholes, to ensure the coating Cloth quality.

Market characteristics

First of all, self-adhesive label materials have good printability. As long as materials are properly selected and properly printed, various designs and texts can be designed in accordance with the requirements of customers, and the application process is not complicated, either through the labeling machine or Through artificial, as long as the bottom paper can be used to achieve the effect, its convenience is fully reflected.

Second, with the diversification of product types of various companies, inventory management has become a problem that has caused companies to pay more and more attention. For example, a daily chemical company may increase certain products or reduce the production of certain products according to the trend of the market. Under such circumstances, the use of self-adhesive label materials can help solve many problems. Not only that, but the company's use of self-adhesive labels as a process or inspection mark in the production process also has very good results. For another example, with the further development of the market, more and more foreign brand products are directly sold domestically. Domestic agents can use their own language to interpret product features and increase sales opportunities, as long as they use self-adhesive labels. Wait.

Once again, as adhesive labels enter people's daily lives, it also gradually reflects its convenience to people in life. For example, sticker photography is a good example. In addition, some foreign countries have designed the stamps as self-adhesive forms to bring convenience to people.

Variety continues to be enriched, more complete features. Adhesive label materials are used in various industries and need to meet different requirements of different industries. To this end, adhesive material manufacturers have increased their research and development efforts, continuously broadening product varieties and increasing or improving their functions. The expansion of product varieties is expressed in both vertical and horizontal directions. Longitudinal refers to the deep excavation and development of products of the same type, and exerts its effects to a greater extent. The horizontal expansion is the various businesses in the face material, glue or even the end of paper, put new styles, such as changing the thickness of the surface material, change the color of the surface material, change the type of glue and so on, to give a few examples: through The change of glue can be designed as a strong sticky adhesive material with weakly sticky and reusable material; through the improvement of the surface material and glue, the material can be automatically detached from the object in a certain temperature of water and play a good role in recovery. The role of; some materials through the scientific configuration of beneficial additives, so that the material has a certain smell, to meet the needs of customers on the smell and so on.

The requirements for materials are gradually increasing. In the traditional sense of the label material, the definition given to it is often just to paste it. With the continuous improvement and development of the market, this definition has changed. The current market demands for materials are gradually increasing, mainly in two aspects.

First, the concept of packaging in the terminal market is becoming more and more new, and the requirements are getting higher and higher, resulting in new requirements for self-adhesive label materials. For example, some customers need materials that can be repeatedly pasted, some customers need materials that can withstand a certain high temperature, some customers need materials that can withstand very low temperatures, and some customers need the material surface material will not be able to wipe down after the use of acetone, some Customers need materials that are ultra-transparent and thin, and others are constantly updating label substrates such as shapes and materials according to market needs. For this reason, adhesive materials that meet their application are constantly changing as needed.

Secondly, self-adhesive material suppliers themselves are constantly strengthening and improving their respective production equipment and processes. The management of the details of the scientific control of each link makes the product quality higher and higher, and the performance of these two aspects is practical. It is a mutual initiative.

development trend

According to the latest report of FREEDONIA Group's survey company, by 2008, the world's demand for pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels (PSA) will increase at an annual rate of 5.3%, with a total area of ​​more than 27 billion square meters, and the total value will exceed 22 billion U.S. dollars.

The United States is still expected to remain the largest market for label products. The country’s demand for label products accounts for one-fifth of the world’s total, and its demand is declining compared with previous years, mainly because the production technology of corrugated transport and masking tapes in the basic supply chain is maturing.

The report also shows that with the healthy and rapid development of the Chinese economy and the formation and improvement of the world economic integration, China will most likely replace the United States as the largest market for PSA label products in the next 20 years.

In particular, in recent years, China’s GDP growth rate has been maintained at more than 8%, and the major affiliated industries such as food, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and electrical appliances are flourishing and still maintain a good momentum of development. The constant increase in material demand is an inevitable trend.

According to forecast, the annual growth rate of the domestic sticker market is about 30%.

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