Meilian Furniture Zhang Wenhai: Success stems from persistence and accumulation

Meilian Furniture Co., Ltd. Zhang Wenhai

Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Redwood Furniture Professional Committee Brand Alliance, China's top ten brands of mahogany furniture, China's well-known mahogany furniture brand... This string of shining titles belong to a mahogany furniture company - Meilian Furniture Co., Ltd. As a model of Shenzhen mahogany furniture, since its establishment in 1977, Midland Furniture has brought countless excellent mahogany products, and their products, from raw materials to finished products, are all made by hand. Finely carved, all kinds of landscapes, birds, figures, beasts, dragons and auspicious, and fairy goddess are all striving for meticulous and meticulous, lifelike; can be described as a model of Chinese mahogany furniture.

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And the United States, 35 years ago, is still only a member of the many mahogany furniture companies in Hong Kong. What kind of story is there behind the United States, from nothing to industry leader? To this end, the reporter interviewed Zhang Wenhai, the vice chairman of the United States Furniture Association, to pursue the footsteps that the United States had traveled and the little stories about the mahogany furniture that you did not know.

"Redwood Master" from Hong Kong

[Reporter]: Mr. Zhang, hello! We know that the United States furniture was first established in Hong Kong, so why did the old Zhang always choose to do the "mahogany furniture" business?

[Zhang Wenhai]: Our American Furniture was registered in Hong Kong in 1977. At the time of the founding of Hong Kong, it was mainly the production of some furniture-based furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. At that time, the "Chinese-Western combination" was popular. Because this kind of furniture was mainly exported in Hong Kong at the time, it must also be The aesthetics of Westerners are combined, so it looks very weird and funny now, but now these models are basically impossible to do.

In fact, at that time, the number of technical talents who made mahogany furniture was relatively small, and the salary was relatively high. In addition, some people in our hometown knew mahogany furniture, so my father would follow the study to learn mahogany. Although in Hong Kong, mahogany furniture is not a particularly large industry, but there are also about ten or twenty mahogany furniture, so the whole market is still prosperous.

[Reporter]: At that time, which kind of wood was used in the mahogany furniture produced by the United States?

[Zhang Wenhai]: In fact, there was no national standard for the production of mahogany furniture at the beginning. There are even many people who think that mahogany is red wood, but at that time it was probably mainly rosewood. Of course, rosewood is also good. Everyone is also mixed to use.

Later, as we conceptually positioned more high-end mahogany furniture, we customized higher standards, and of course, the establishment of national standards, mostly high-end mahogany materials.

[Reporter]: At that time, the United States began to export?

[Zhang Wenhai]: We exported to Southeast Asian countries at that time, and even involved in the United States, Italy, and other European and American countries in the later period; but in recent years, due to corporate positioning and other reasons, the scope of our exports has gradually become less widespread, and now mainly Japan. , Taiwan, Singapore and other places.

[Reporter]: When did the American League move to Shenzhen?

[Zhang Wenhai]: After registration in 1977, after five years of development, Midland Furniture has formed its own initial style and development goals, and with the rising labor costs in Hong Kong, coupled with the reform of the mainland in May 1980 Open, we consider the development of corporate strategy, in 1982, moved the factory to Shenzhen Guanlan. We were the third foreign investment company to enter Shenzhen at that time, and the first mahogany furniture company. With the development of time, we are now only the "old name". After we moved into Guanlan, more and more mahogany furniture began to enter. So far, there are more than 100 mahogany furniture factories in Guanlan, which is also considered to be the “home of redwoods”.

In 1993, we invested more than 100 million yuan in Wenzhou and established the branch of Meilian mahogany furniture. It is also mainly based on the production of mahogany furniture. In fact, we set up factories in Wenzhou, mainly considering that the labor cost will be relatively low. At the earliest time, most of the mahogany raw materials were shipped from Shenzhen.

Success stems from persistence and accumulation

[Reporter]: As can be seen from the photos, the previous mahogany furniture seems to be a little more than a single piece?

[Zhang Wenhai]: Yes, the previous mahogany furniture is mainly about a practicality. There are not many complicated carvings, and they are basically single-piece. The mahogany furniture produced nowadays is about a craftsmanship, with a strong sense of design, and most of them appear in the form of a complete set of furniture, more beautiful, and also test the craftsmanship of the master.

[Reporter]: How long does it take to train such a carving master?

[Zhang Wenhai]: If it is a sculpture that is particularly complicated and has a beautiful Chinese classical design, it will take about 20 years. This kind of engraver is also cultivated by our American furniture. I often say that the United States has grown to 35 years now. The best thing we have done is to always accumulate, including talents, raw materials and the design style that we have formed. It is from that time that we slowly accumulate. Until now. Mahogany furniture can't be done at all, it's very difficult, you have to learn to accumulate slowly, accumulate a certain strength, accumulate a certain amount of technical content, you can make some good things. The person outside tells you, this is good, that is popular this year, you have no way to make your own achievements.

However, it is really difficult to train a master chef now, because 8 of the 10 technicians we train are not suitable, because it requires talent and hard work.

[Reporter]: We all know that mahogany furniture generally requires a long production cycle.

[Zhang Wenhai]: There is no way for mahogany furniture to “quantify production”. Like the general design we have made, the mahogany furniture is very complicated. A factory needs about 50 workers and spends about a year. do. Its cycle is very long, starting with the opening of the material, there are almost 32 complex programs to do. Like the treasure of our town shop - Jiangshan more delicate, cost more than 800 cubic meters of fine rosewood, from design to completion for more than 6 years, the hand-carving fee alone paid more than 2 million yuan, he also obtained The Guinness Book of the world's "largest set of mahogany sofas".

But similar to our ordinary shape of mahogany furniture, such as the coffee table, it can be picked up in three months, because it is not so complicated to engrave, the price is also very high.

Big ship sailing

[Reporter]: Where are the woods used now?

[Zhang Wenhai]: The wood we use now is mainly in Southeast Asia, Vietnam huanghuali, Indian lobular rosewood, Indonesian ebony, etc. We now store most of the Huizhou branch, many of which were cut 50 years ago. It has been stored for 20 to 30 years and is very strong; now it is not possible to go to the mahogany market to buy such raw materials.

[Reporter]: Nowadays, the mahogany furniture used by many people in the home seems to be different from the mahogany furniture we imagined.

[Zhang Wenhai]: Yes. As more and more young people are beginning to like mahogany furniture, targeted products will be introduced. Like the wood-based furniture that our American furniture has introduced in recent years, it is actually a "new Chinese classicism" style; everyone has misunderstandings about mahogany furniture, as if mahogany furniture has only one style, actually we There are three types of products: one is what we see, similar to the “Jiangshan Duojiao”, which has strong artistic value and collection value, and there is a simple and clear Ming style furniture, which is also the literati’s The most loved one, the last one is between the two, the carving is more complicated, the more rude Qing style furniture.

[Reporter]: We know that Meilian Furniture is now building its own new factory. When is it possible to operate?

[Zhang Wenhai]: In fact, 50% of the first phase of our new factory has been officially completed, and the second phase is still under construction. We also plan to build China's first mahogany furniture museum with a total height of 11 stories and an area of ​​25,000 square meters. At that time, our products such as "Jiangshan Duojiao" will be moved.

[Reporter]: Thank you, Mr. Zhang!

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