Xianghe Furniture Purchasing Festival Xianghe Fashion Home Tour

If you want to buy cheap and affordable furniture, this Saturday, let go of your baggage to the Xianghe fashion home trip! Xianghe Furniture City (Northern Furniture Capital) will provide you with 6,000 merchants and 100,000 pieces of furniture. From April 28th to April 30th, the first International Furniture (Xianghe) Purchasing Festival will be held in Xianghe. During the period, the “China National Association Headquarters Base Project Moves into the Xianghe Signing Ceremony”, and the main supporting activities such as “Xianghe Furniture Industry in China – Xianghe Furniture Industry and Related Supporting Industries in North China Development Strategy Seminar” and awards evening will also be staged simultaneously. .

According to reports, Xianghe Furniture City, as the capital of northern furniture, is the theme of “Promoting Xianghe Furniture Culture to Create the World Capital of Furniture”. The exhibits gather more than 6,000 domestic and foreign participating brands, more than 100,000 new furniture products, and distribution in the furniture industry. More than 20,000 business and brand agents. . In order to better display the international and domestic new concept home, introduce the most cutting-edge new furniture in the world.

The reporter learned that this year's procurement festival also launched a special "May 1" series of activities: to provide consumers with nearly 10,000 sets of special furniture; the major home city exhibition hall will also hold various kinds of sweepstakes to provide more discounts for consumers. ,more surprise!

This year's procurement festival also invited the Japan National Furniture Dealers Alliance and the Japan Furniture Association. The reporter learned from the organizers of the procurement festival that on the day of the procurement festival, the Japanese National Furniture Dealers Union, European and American furniture buyers and furniture manufacturers will sign trade contracts with domestic furniture companies. At the same time, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China National Association and the Xianghe County Government. The relevant person in charge of Xianghe Furniture City said that it hopes to promote the development of the furniture industry in the northern region and even the whole country through the platform of the procurement festival.

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