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In the spring and summer season, every outdoor sports enthusiast wants to minimize their own baggage and achieve true lightness. However, some small items commonly used in the outdoors are still required to be taken. Then we can throw away dozens of them. The outdoor super large-sized equipment package can easily accommodate these small items by replacing it with a light and simple small pocket. Here, the Greenfield Outdoors Network introduces you to the donkeys who look forward to the spring and summer light travel. A small pocket from VAUDE. This pocket bag highlights the theme of environmental protection. The 2L small capacity can easily accommodate some common items. The simple, lightweight appearance is particularly suitable for the needs of the current travel, and equipped with black, lime green, blue, sand four colors VAUDE environmental protection small pockets, the market price of 169 yuan.

VAUDE green color light pocket display

VAUDE green color light pocket

VAUDE environmental protection small pockets reflect the four characteristics of health and environmental protection, comfortable wear, gorgeous style and European style. Made of recyclable PET material on the VAUDE fabric. This material is common and PET materials are used almost everywhere in the world, and over 50% of recycled PET materials are made into fabrics. 90% of the PET material comes from recyclable PET water bottles. In Europe and the United States, PET is mainly used for the production of backpacks. In Asia, it is mainly used for the production of textile fibers, which are the main users of recycled PET materials. . In this pocket, this material is fully used, including the environmental protection fabric used on the surface of the pack, and the environmental protection color polyester, which fully reflects the concept of environmental protection.

VAUDE green color light pocket display

VAUDE chose a high-quality sewing structure for this eco-friendly fabric material. The reinforcement weave used on the purse string can strengthen its toughness, enhance the wear resistance of the purse, and increase its service life, making it easy to cope with unexpected situations in outdoor sports.

The pockets are mainly divided into main pockets and front zipper pockets. The interior of the main pocket has a large capacity and can store a large number of outdoor common articles. Although the front zip pocket has a small capacity, it can also contain some portable images. Mobile phones, wallets and other valuables. The sealing method adopted on the pocket is a zipper type, which makes it easy to secure the seal to ensure the safety of the built-in items. The zipper used on the pocket is the world's top quality YKK zipper, which ensures smooth, easy-pulling, non-snapping and at the same time provides a non-skid zipper head. VAUDE's thoughtful design allows you to be more peace of mind.

VAUDE green color light pockets details show

The belt buckle on the purse adopts the international top D-flex pressure plate buckle, which is sturdy and durable, and more convenient to use. At the same time, you can easily adjust the length of the belt according to the needs of the outdoors and your own body shape to ensure the wear Comfortable, so that the pockets have a more personal burden.

VAUDE green color light pocket

VAUDE pockets with eco-friendly materials not only provide a new type of pocket for outdoor enthusiasts but also provide environmentalists with an eco-friendly product. At the same time, Greenfield Outdoors also advocates outdoor enthusiasts who also love the environment and protect the environment we live in, so that we can enjoy the fun brought to us outdoors after many years.

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